Monday, April 23


Isn't funny how all of us Jennifer's look alike?

No, seriously, I bet we can all find something here that looks familiar. For instance, I use J.Lo's glare when the kids take an hour to finish their math.

Those would be my dark, furry caterpillar eyebrows.
*sidenote: isn't she hot? I mean really, if I were a guy, I'd have her poster up on my wall. Well, not really, because I think that's stupid now, but if I were 14 again and male, she would replace my Kirk Cameron poster.

My ears. And when I really, really have to pee, that's the face I make.

Oh, yeah, I dance like her.
Not her character, her....she used a double, or so I hear.

My nose.

There's my haircut! And crow's feet!

It's uncanny - this is me, like, every weekend.

Interesting observation: No blondes. In fact, I can't think of a single blonde Jennifer. She's out there somewhere, I'm sure, but none come to mind.

Okay, how about you? Odds are in my favor that you are, in fact, a Jennifer. What do all of us Jenn's have in common?


Anonymous said...

Remember the show Jenny Jones? I think she was blondish.

Jennifer in MS said...

Too funny!

Hmmm...what do all Jenn's have in common??? I'd say a friendly personality! So many of my friends were Jennifers or Kims! I can't recall a Jennifer that I really didn't like, though I'm sure that's not the case for all (since I'm pretty sure I've got my share of people who dislike me! )LOL.

I did have one blond Jennifer friend in 7th grade......I wonder if she is still a blond?

But just so you can gauge if other Jenn's have anything in common with me I'll tell you that I can be shy which may come off as snobby, I can be funny, I have a dry sense of humor, am only quick witted with those I know well, can be self-conscience, worry that I hurt someone's feelings, love having close friendships that I'm completely loyal to, can be a bit of a perfectionist yet have a messy house most of the time, don't like real confrontational people because I can't think and speak fast enough to handle such people (I'll think of what to say 2 days later while blow drying my hair!), love nonfiction, and I can be very analytical, though I don't consisder myself judgemental. To each his own, I say! :0)

Christy said...

You that I think about it, every Jennifer I know has been a brunette... Wow. Funny stuff :)

They have also been very sweet, compassionate, funny-all around great friends.

The pictures are hilarious LOL.

Michael McMullen said...

I'm 24 and would totally have her poster on my wall. Okay, maybe not her poster. Audrey Hepburn is still the most beautiful actress ever.

I'm not a Jennifer (obviously), but I do have dark (brownish-redish) hair. That counts right? That toally counts.

...(mumbles) it does to count.

Funny stuff by the way. I espesially like the Jennifer Aniston one. And yes, Flashdance did use three doubles. One was a dude (for the breakdancing in the audition scene).

Jennie C. said...

I've never known a Jennifer with anything but brown hair. I think the other Jennifer who already commented is really me! That's why I like blogging.

Unknown said...

My roommate in colleg was a blonde Jenifer (yes, only one 'n'). I had to laugh at your reference to your Kirk Cameron poster, because I was totally in love with him too. :)

Jenn said...

Jenny Jones WAS blonde! However, her real name was Janina, so I don't think that should count. Changing your name to Jenny doesn't make you a Jennifer any more than dying your hair brown. Sorry, Mike, I don't think it counts.

Jennifer, this just gets cooler and cooler. I was called a snob all through high school, but I wasn't! I was just desperately shy! I stress over other people's feelings and am a perfectionist with a messy house. I think OCD is an applicable label - lol. I have the dry sense of humor and take two days to think of my comebacks. But secretely, I enjoy a refreshingly honest confrontation. We're almost twins...right up to the non-fiction, which I do enjoy, but I like to lose myself in a good story. Analytical....ooh, yup. But that one deserves a post all it's own.

Very intresting about the stunt doubles. I had no idea.

I hereby make a motion to vote the Jenifer with one 'n' out of the Jenn club. I think two n's is a requirement. :D

Jennie C. said...

Motion seconded! What kind of self respecting Jennifer skips an 'n'?

Pen of Jen said...

I resemble these comments! Chances are we Jennifer's need to unite and ...pause...I'm sorry, I just had a Jennifer Aniston moment!

Jenni said...

Started to comment, but it got too long. Heck, maybe I'll blog it after I get back from my little chat with the school counselor. (Yay!)

Anonymous said...

Mike??? No, your sister silly.

Jenn said...

No! I meant Mike couldn't join the Jenn club just because he has brown hair, just like Janina Jones can't join since she's not a true Jenn.

So YOU'RE my anonymous poster. We have GOT to get you a blog!!

Love ya, sis!

Michael McMullen said...

Okay, okay. I can take it. I'm man enough to be rejeceted from "The Jenn Club".

Do I at least get to see a copy of the minutes? I won't share them or nothin'.

... I'm straight by the way. I just wanted to make that clear.

inspired said...

I am a Stephanie and blonde, but at one time for a few moments, my mom wanted to name me Jennifer! Does that count?


Unknown said...

Okay, I thought of two blonde Jenns.

Jenny McCarthy (actress/author)

Jenny Garth (from 90210)

Not sure if they are Jennifers or Jennys. Just thought of them as I read your name blog.

Very entertaining! ; }

I know that this conversation went on MONTHS ago, but I didn't "follow" way back then! : }

Merry Christmas, Jenn!!!

Maggie Mae said...

I'm a late comer too but I think all Jens at one time or another dated my brother-in-law. Often 3 at a time (all Jens).

Jenn said...

ROFLOL!!! What's your brother's name? I cannot promise to confirm nor deny any dating.

Sharon said...

this is seriously funny. the post was great and the comments just made it even better.

And for anyone who things Jenny McCarthy started out blond... I beg to differ.

Jennifer Lambert said...

Oh my. And the fact that there were, like, at least three other Jennifers in all my school classes so the teacher had to assign nicknames and I never got the cool one. I'm blonde too, btw. My bff in school was Jenny and she was a ginger! And I just said like. Ah!

Jenn said...

A Blonde Jennifer! That is aweesome! You are a rare find, my friend. :D

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