Monday, June 2


We have family visiting this week. For some reason, while sitting on Grandpa's lap, Sarah piped up (out of no where) saying, "I cry at the 'Y'". She had emotional baggage that she apparently felt he needed to know. That is not what this post is about, but it is true; she does cry at the YMCA.

Every time I say, "Who wants to go to the Y?" Sarah dances and cheers and runs to get her shoes. She tells me how excited she is to go play with the toys and pretend to cook me food.

And then she gets there.

The moment I turn to walk away, she cries a loud cry of distress. Each time, I have to pause and be sure she isn't physically hurt. But no. She just doesn't want me to leave. I'm not big on torturing kids, but I know that she really does like to go. So we keep going back. I am always able to talk her down and the boys help distract her and she's fine. But since she brought this up out of the blue, now I'm wondering if it's such a good idea to keep trying.

But still, that's not what this post is about.

This is about my YMCA experience this evening. It was pouring rain, and I took clothes to change into for the first time tonight, so I wouldn't have to work out soaking wet. I changed in the locker room located at the back of the restroom, left my clothes laying on a bench, and used the restroom on my way out. While there, I noticed that there were no trash cans in the stall. Wow! What an oversight! I decided I'd need to tell the manager, since, being a guy, he must not have realized the importance of such a thing to us gals. But I wasn't in need of a trash can and it slipped my mind as I went to work out. WooHoo! I made it up to 20 min. on the elliptical. When I started a few weeks ago, I couldn't do it more than 5 minutes! I did some strength training and then left to go change back to my regular clothes since we still had some shopping to do.

While changing, I heard someone come in to use the restroom. Lots of shuffling around. And then -

I heard him clear his throat.

That's right.

I was nekked in the men's locker room.

That's why there were no trash cans!

I dressed and walked through, eyes averted, while apologizing profusely.

He was very gracious, which made it very easy to laugh at myself for the rest of the evening without feeling too bad. If I had embarrassed him, it would have made it much, much worse.

So, how 'bout you? What was your evening like? Anyone else blindly walk by urinals without noticing them?


Jennie C. said...

Nope, but this is a hilarious story!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Ron Smyer story to me.

Unknown said...

I would've been mortified for a week! Good thing that guy was a nice guy or you could've gotten lots of "interesteing" comments.

Jessica said...

forgive me for laughing hysterically right now. this sounds like something i would do!

Kristina said...

Wow! That's hilarious. Thank you for sharing your mortification for our amusement.

mindi said...

That is TOOO funny! I'm sure he was more embarrassed than you were :D

Anonymous said...

O. My. word.

I am laughing so hard.

My, how embarrassed I would be. But I would laugh at myself if it happened to me too! And since I am not what you might call observant... it could happen VERY easily!


Lillian said...

Jennie C. sent me. ROFLOL!!!

I'll be sure to check out the door signs from now on!! And to look for trashcans and the absence of urinals. LOL!

Christy said...

that is so stinking funny-you just made my whole day.

I know someone who was walking by her front door in the nude just as her son opened it and exposed her to his best friend and his best friend's FATHER. she was COMPLETELY nude. know. It could have been worse. Like you could have been like some women and just stripped down in the bathroom with the stall door open. WOmen in the Y I used to attend did that ALL the time.

Kasia said...

Jennie C. sent me too...and I'm definitely going to have to bookmark you. I have occasionally found myself (or been stopped about to walk into) the men's rest room, just because I'm not paying enough attention...but I don't think I've ever been nekkid there. :-) (Give me may yet happen...)

Jenn said...

LoL - I'm so glad to make y'all smile! I'm still laughing about it myself.

Chris read my blog while at work and called me to say "You did NOT!!!" Um, yep.

"How could you not notice the sign on the door?" Well, the doors were both open and you had to be in the room to see the sign and, well, all women's restrooms are on the right.

"NO THEIR NOT! They're never on the right." Oh. Oops.

So now I'm taking down data for posterity, logging how many ladies rooms are on the right or on the left.

Kasia said...

Um, the ladies' room at my office is on the right...and yes, I'm sure of that... ;-)

The Classical Circus said...

ROFLOL! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

I wonder how it is you noticed the absence of trashcans but not the presence of urinals. You must have been in a serious workout and/or endorphin zone :oD!

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness! I can say this has never happened to me, but only because I'm scared it will happen to me and I check the sign several times before entering. Yes, I am aware that I am a paranoid freak, but I'm a paranoid freak who is also aware that she can be very ditzy at times. I've been in the bathroom several times and heard a woman with a deep voice (I think) and broken into a sweat thinking, "Did I double check that sign? Am I in the right bathroom? What if I'm in the wrong one?!?" It's a major fear I've had since I was a kid. At least I outgrew the fear that I would someday forget to wear underwear or some other important piece of clothing.

Katy said...

Excellent story! I have public nekkid dreams at least once a week.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I'm just now getting around to reading ... moths after this story was written. I clicked this story out of curiosity. Immediately I had flashbacks to the time my sister and I went to the restroom during half time at a football game. We were taking and laughing ... totally oblivious to ANYONE and EVERYONE. As we walked in the restroom all I saw were urinals and one toilet. My face went red as I thought "me thinks I'm in the wrong place". We hurriedly RAN out, forgetting we HAD to use the the facilities. I wanted to changed my shirt right then being that in HUGE letters it said TEACHER ... with cute little apples all over it. I hate that sweatshirt! lol I'm poistive there were a million people there and they ALL saw us! hee hee

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