Friday, June 23

White Trash Mama (Part 1)

Why White Trash Mama??

Once upon a time there was a very silly girl who's very self-worth was determined by what others thought of her. Prone to being teased, she walked around as a nervous, strange little bird who opted for a school lunch of a Twix candy bar and a can of Dr. Pepper eaten in the women's restroom rather than, Heaven forbid, walk into a full cafeteria and ask to sit with someone. A new relationship with Christ, a boyfriend who didn't think twice about other people's opinions, and baptism in the Holy Spirit progressively introduced a new concept to the strange little bird: freedom.

But sometimes old mindsets stick around long after we think they're gone. This weirdo was me and God truly changed me and taught me to see myself through His eyes. I was still hesitant in dealing with other people for a long time, but I no longer defined myself by other people's parameters. The last couple years have been revolutionary for me socially. I feel like I'm finally growing up and seeing how simple things really are. Why did I muddy up the water so much before?

The nickname of "white trash" started a couple years back as "trailer trash". Chris and I were house hunting and were considering buying a trailer, but realized we couldn't even afford that. It was actually cheaper to buy a small house. But the mobile homes were so nice looking in comparison and the houses we could afford were so......not nice. So my friends and I joked that I only wished I could be trailer trash. But since 1/3 of my town actually does live in a trailer, they swapped the nickname to "white trash" instead of "trailer trash" to avoid offending anyone. Kind of ironic because my entire point of embracing my redneck status is that I am no longer worried about offending people. It's not that I don't care...I want to show love to all and do NOT want to hurt anyone, ever....but I've learned these last few years that it is just not possible to please everyone. I am who I am. I am different than you. You may not like me. The revolutionary part is that I am finally feeling free enough to know what? if you don't like me, chances are I wouldn't want to spend much time with you either. And that's okay. Wow! Liberating!

I know, I know. Some of you are thinking, "Wow, 30 years old and you're just now realizing this?" Well, 28 when it began to dawn on me, but yeah. pretty much.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog Jenn!! I've been reading for, oh, about an hour now!! I found a quote perfect for those of us who don't feel quite our age: "Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise." Sabrina

Anonymous said...

Heh. Thirty three next week and still trying to get the same things straight.

Jennie C. said...

It's true. If they don't like you, you probably wouldn't like them either. And really, how many actual friends can you successfully manage, anyway?

Kate said...

I adore you. That is all. :)


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