Wednesday, February 22

At least it's not shag

I think God is saying somethin'. It's been a day of quiet contemplation (okay, a day of scrubbing regurgitated pears out of the carpet) and a time to veg out on the computer to learn a few things. I'm not alone in my quest for truth! For the record, it's not a search for meaning or purpose. I have a full, wonderful life....I'm just not giving it what it deserves. I've been doing an awful lot of "surviving" my days. And these days are too wonderful to miss! Several others have been speakin' to me today: Good Soil mentioned a bible study on Discipline (boy could I use that.) While Andie is taking mega brave and practical steps toward achieving her goals. SharperIron had a great blog that really spoke to me about living in the moment with our kids. And last but not least.... Red Tartan is reading Quotidian Mysteries an awesome book about the beauty of our daily lives and avoiding seeing them as drudgery. It's not drudgery, it's a worship opportunity.
Well, that's half of my favorite blogs. I still have to hit the other half. Unfortunately, I am so slow at this html goop that it has taken me half an hour to write this post! I WILL get this. I really will!

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