Saturday, February 18

The Cars: skinny guys in skinny ties

Fellow gen-Xer's, did you realize the music we listened to as kids is now OLDIES MUSIC?!? Last night, I discovered how truly old I must be. Chris & I took the kids to the mall. We had it all planned: he'd take the boys to Penney's for shoes while I took the girls for their spring dresses. If I could hit The Children's Place & Old Navy within half an hour, we could take the kids to see Curious George. I walked in at the Old Navy side, agreeing to meet Chris there later and headed off to the opposite end of the mall. I carried the 2 year old and pushed the screaming 4 month old in a gargantuan stroller.

Once there, it was like something out of the twilight zone. All of the clothes that I remember disliking as a kid are hanging on the shelves again. Even in the '80's, I had enough taste as a 6 year old to know it was not flattering attire. Surely Gymboree would know better, so we headed off again. Nope. Gap? Nope. I felt like I'd been running a marathon. My heart was pounding and I was sweating. (I did remember deodorant, right?) Finally back at Old Navy and quite sure Chris would soon be there and ready to go, I attempted to coax my 2 year old into the Little Girls section. Nothin' doin'. There was a small bench with a mechanical dog that both scared and delighted her. We argued as only a mom in total control of her toddler can argue. (harharhar) and finally caught a glimpse of the dresses they had to offer. That's when 2T grabbed her Nether-regions and whined "pottteeee!"

Please remember that Miss 3-6 months was still screaming.

In the Old Navy restroom, I squatted in front of a toilet balancing a 2 year old while changing her little sis' diaper on my lap. (dang, I DID forget deodorant!) All was well until I stood up. The room got dark and started sliding around on me. Chris was right outside and we found a bench. The strobe lights going off behind my eyes eased away and we stood up to leave. That's when I nearly passed out. Chris went to find some Coke and I put my head between my knees. My hair grew rapidly with this last pregnancy and I am in desperate need of a haircut. I looked ridiculous. Hair in every direction, eyes glazed and frantically looking for that Coke....I looked like a wild woman. But the Coke did it and I was fine afterwards. I have no idea what happened, but it was plenty embarassing.

Now, the point of this ramble: I'm old enough to remember current styles on their first go 'round. The music, I like. I didn't care for it in the '80's, but I do now. But the clothes.....I can't go back. I can't do it. Anyone know where I can find sweet, simple dresses for toddlers?

Oh! And we made the movie JUST in time. It was a wonderful surprise for the kids! Posted by Picasa

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Megan said...

Wow!!!! Dude, all I could think was "wow" when I read your story! You are supermom! No wonder you almost passed out!

I totally agree that the repeating 80s/70s clothing is hideous. It just shows how uncreative and stupid we are since we can't come up with a new style, we have to copy the old ugly ones again. You think people would have learned their lesson. Apparently not.

I'm really glad you like Big Fish! I watched it a second time and realized it did have a LOT more cuss words than I thought it did, but I still really enjoyed it. I must admit I secretly would like to see a bit of Curious George too. It just looks so freakin cute!=D

Love you,

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