Monday, February 6

Don't Make Fun

I'm reading a book about cleaning up my habits (again.) The problem with my habits right now? I don't have any. So.....following the instructions in the Momstown Guide, here is my cheesy "commitment:"

I, Jennifer, promised o immerse myself in the process of getting a life. I promise to feel optimistic about the areas that I recognize need work, to make my life a priority, to search out and seize new opportunities, and to remember that when I work on improving my life, I improve the lives of the people I love.

I gotta be honest, that sounds incredibly selfish to me. But, really, what's gonna happen? Is the librarian going to hunt me down if I don't adhere to a commitment in a book I checked out?

Other Momtown Homework Assignments:

Write in a diary. How convenient! I'm practicing blogging this week anyway!

Find a 3:00 a.m. Ethel Buddy. - Nancy has been enlisted. Shall I call her at 3:00 a.m. to see if she means it? Mwahahaha!

Develop a Mantra.


Here is their example:
I am worthy of complete happiness. I have the potential to be everything i dream of being. I am a confident, passionate, deserving woman. I am inherently creative and powerful.
Which would be fine if I had the time to go change into flowing white robes and light incense every time things got stressful....but, no. I don't have a clue and would gladly take advice here. Any creative types want to share some mantra ideas? I need something short and sweet. Prior to now, I've just sung a little ditty that I wrote for those moments of intense stress. "I'm not gonna go nuts, no I'm not. I'm not going to lose my top. I've got control of all my faculties. I am going to stay sane." It works. But I don't think it's what the book has in mind. How about a scripture?

I'll have to work on the mantra.

Until then...if I have made this books sound so irresistible you just can't resist running out and buying a copy for link to the right will take you to amazon where I supposedly will get a commission - lol!

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Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying your blog, Jenn. Tried to comment yesterday but kept getting interrupted by these *children* running all over my house. I think it's interesting how so many of us (you know, "us" the WTM folks lol) have the same stirrings at the same times. Not to mention babies and vacuum cleaner purchases. (Don't tell anyone, but I don't own a Dyson *gasp*.) Where was I? Oh yes, same thoughts...I've been jotting notes (mentally and on real live paper) for a long blog post on The Life I Shall Get...Very Soon. I have many habits that need to be changed, many more things that need to *become* habits. I need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and take some steps toward becoming that. I need to start making my life a better reflection of my values; not just the incidental result of surviving with the kids another 24 hours. So, your blog has been *speakin'* to me.

And that belly picture is priceless.

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