Thursday, March 30

She got the moon in her eye

I'm going sugar free, beginning first thing Friday morning. This self-inflicted torture will continue until Easter. I'm a little concerned about how it's gonna go though. I am currently experiencing mood swings if I go so much as 2 hours without sugar passing my lips. I may be committed after 2 days. If I can handle it without cracking, I know that it will be fine after 3 days. The curse can't survive past 3 days.

But can I? Posted by Picasa


Megan said...

You can so do this Jenn!! I actually have tried this myself.....and erm.....I was able to do it for like a day or two. Ok, no really, you'll be just fine. I recently just proved myself that I can go without chocolate for a whole week, so if I can do that, so can you. Only you're cutting out all other sugary items. Erm....yeah. Good luck.=D

Anonymous said...

Water, water, water. And whiskey. Just kidding!

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