Thursday, March 16

Who Let the Dogs Out

In my defense, mews sound very similar to meows.

Even though I don't care for cats much, I began to worry because the "meowing" had gone on all day without rest. Also, I didn't think cats were supposed to make noise in labor. I'd read that they are very quiet, actually. I was concerned that the poor things were starving and that mama cat was no more. So I called animal control. She took one look at the crawl space and said "Do you have any friends?" She wouldn't go under. She is claustrophobic. Walking back towards the house, she noticed spots on the ground and started laughing. She asked to hear the meows again. Nope. Those are puppies. Our dog had puppies! She asked "didn't you notice?" No! We had wondered a couple weeks ago, but discovered that she had been sneaking into the garage for extra food. We just thought she was fat! Not fat. Pregnant.

Chris took the coolor that was propping up the board covering our crawlspace and put it in his truck to get ready for fishing. This allowed a cat to get under and drive me nuts. The cat had nothing to do with the dog that crawled under the house the next morning to have puppies!

I know it is the most impractical thing possible, but I am giddy! We have puppies! Cute, cute, cute puppies. I'll post some pictures of them and the kids over on their blog later today.
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Jennifer said...

THAT'S GREAT! Puppies are SO much better than kittens!

Jennie C. said...

Sounds like a great morning, and much better than cats!

The MaMa said...

Ha!Ha! Animal 202 Jenn. Now, What are you going to do with puppies?

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