Wednesday, May 17

I'm a Fly Girl

Lend an Ear (and an eye)

Flylady is back.

It's humiliating, but it works. As busy as we've been, the house is always the first thing to go. But then things just feel busier than they really are. Within 2 days, we've crawled out from under the pile formerly known as our home. I discovered flylady 5 years ago and it changed everything in our house. After fixing it and developing new habits, I didn't continue with the whole 'Flylady Thing', but it wasn't necessary anymore. It's insulting to have to do it again, but hey, it works. When I started it the first time, Ethan was 3 and he heard me discussing it with friends. He began announcing to others that his mommy was a "flygirl". I love him.

Hey, anyone recognize Jennifer Lopez in that picture? Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Jennifer Lopez is actually the first thing I noticed. I watched her E True Hollywood episode explaining how she started out as a dancer on In Living Color. Can you please explain the FlyLady bit, you lost me. Do you have flies in your house?

Anonymous said...

ROFL...anonymous, go to

I've been getting the Large Family Logistics emails and have set up my own cleaning schedule. So far workable, but if I start slacking my "punishment" is always subjecting myself to FlyLady's emails again. :)

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