Saturday, June 10

I've lost my camera!

Or else I'd share some pictures. It will turn up, I'm sure, but the house is a mess right now and it is not easily visible. I spent 14 hours at church yesterday. You'd think I'd feel pretty holy after that experience, but I gotta tell ya, I was actually close to cussing. After working so hard yesterday, I went in today to finish off a few loose ends and saw that the roof to our VBS cabin had fallen down and had to be refitted. At least it fell last night instead of in the middle of tomorrow's church service! Hopefully, that baby will hold and we'll be ready for a pack of students on Monday night. Life is about to wind back down to it's usual pleasant sprint. Ahhhh.

We went to Chris' "Company Picnic" today. It stunk. stank? stinkeded? :o

It was 90 degrees and they didn't have any water. The cookies were all gone and I would have been okay with that had I not seen the evidence of cookies. Just knowing that I was that close to cookies and couldn't have any was torture. I LOVE cookies. There weren't very many people there and it was kind of a depressing crowd. Perhaps they were all bummed because of the huge LAY-OFF! That's right. We are officially job hunting because my dear hubby is layed off...or will be as of July something or other. All house renovation, vacation, curriculum plans are now at a screeching halt as we begin pulling out our favorite beans and rice recipes.

Ummm...Chris just read over my shoulder that I lost the camera. "You what?!?" Time to stop blogging for the evening.

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Andie said...

Oh no! I'll be praying.

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