Tuesday, January 2


How could I presume to have a stinky year when I had these amazing kids surrounding me? I must have been kicked in the head or something to start thinking like that.
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Lillian said...

Oh what a great picture! They're absolutely gorgeous!! May 2007 be full of blessings!!

Anonymous said...

Jenn, what a pretty picture! Did you do it yourself, or did you get it done somewhere? I couldn't imagine Holden lying still for so long!


Christy said...

WOW that picture is beautiful!! You have a gorgeous family!

Jenn said...

Thanks guys! They really are amazing kids.

Caralyn - oh, yeah - it was a lot of fun getting that shot. The edges are blurred -not to make it fancy, but to soften the image of my foot that got caught in the shot as I rushed away from rolling Sarah back over.

Lillian- I loved your entry on epiphany. It was a great link with some great ideas.

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