Thursday, March 8

Simply Irresistible

Name that beverage?

Here are few things I've recently found to be irresistible:

Pumpkin Gingerlies
mmmm...these are delicious. It's like a pumpkin pie cookie with tiny bits of ginger root baked in.

One Night With the King
We watched this last night and loved it. Very clean. Even though it dealt with the subject matter of concubines and 'nights with a king', it somehow managed to do so in a subtle way so that even kids could watch along.

I finally gave in and purchased a Victoria Secret bra this past week. I'll be returning it this weekend. $45 for a bra? That was something so ridiculous, I resisted for years. I should have kept on resisting. I wore it one day. After only a couple hours, it began migrating North on one side. The other side was fine. More than fine, that baby was PERKY! But the other maintained its perky shape, but it was maintaining itself just north of my actual BOOB! So to the rest of the world, it looked as if I had 3, nicely shaped boobies! I tried to make it work. I played with the straps and the hooks, but it's just not meant to be. The next day, I found the Barely There bra at an outlet store in Branson. I loved it. It was $15.00. I bought 2. They DO NOT SHOW under thin, white t-shirts! They hold a nice, normal shape rather than an in-your-face perkiness. No pointy cones. No ridges. No wires poking. No pressure on the shoulders or chafing under the armpits. Go buy one. In beige, so I don't have to see it's white brightness through your shirt.

Latin for Children
We finished our first lesson with LFC and LOVED it. It explains things. It is family friendly. The DVD is a casual moment inside the author's home as he teaches his own daughters their Latin lessons. Informal and simple. My boys loved it. They took the quiz and did great. I have a feeling I'll be bragging on this one more and more in the future.

Skecher Baby Bugs
Cute, cute shoes that are oh, so comfy. Visit the Skecher Outlet store at Tanger and they're only $15.00. The Bumble Bugs were what I wanted, but we couldn't find them in the girls' sizes. I'm glad though because I really think I prefer these now that I've seen 'em. They have a velcro closure with ladybugs at the fastener. This makes it easy to tell which shoe goes on which foot. Chris told Honor "If the ladybugs are touching, they might fight, so put them on opposite sides." I said that if they touched, one might end up pregnant, but Daddy didn't appreciate my sense of humor and we went with his version.

South Beach
It was a miserable road, but very worth it. I don't have a scale, but I did measure around my waist from the first night on. I lost 2 inches around my waist. I wore a bathing suit and I didn't spend the whole evening sucking in my gut. It was a nice feeling. That said, I don't think it's the way to go on a permanent basis. It just doesn't feel natural. Bread is mentioned again and again in the Bible and can't be all bad. And, now this might sound strange, but I try and look at things according to what would have been available to people during Bible times. Take Isaac and you think they woke up and Rebekah slaughtered an animal to fix breakfast? Or did they eat some fruit and bread? I figure God made our bodies without refrigerators and deep freezers originally in mind. Mankind has been around a lot longer than refrigerators and I doubt God designed it so that our bodies functioned best on just meat or eggs for breakfast. But I'm straying from the original point....trying to blog as long as I can? Wait, did I have a point?

Okay, those are my simply irresistible items for the week.

Maybe just one more 'Fess Up?

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Jennie C. said...

Wasn't that a pepsi ad?

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