Wednesday, June 27

Be Still My Heart

It's back.


Doesn't it just make your toes curl?

I met my first Victoria when I was a pre-teen on a summer visit to my Grandma Muggy. She had a stash of them and I slowly savored every page. It was my first taste of that kind of serenity. My first introduction to the classics. I read Jane Eyre that summer. Mmmm....Memories of red clay roads, sweet tea, and fig newtons. Every time I've picked one of these up, it's been the same experience. They ceased publication years ago, but I still had my old ones to flip through. They've sat in a box, untouched for years now...too busy for such silliness nowadays. But a fresh one...I can smell it already. It's a reminder that we should never be too busy to stop and savor God's gifts and the beauty in the little things.

Ooh, why, look at that link? How did it get on my blog?


Granny Janny said...

Isn't that where you came up with the flowers you wanted for your wedding?

Jenn said...

Yeah - wow! How do you remember that?

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