Sunday, June 24

Too many pictures

I've got too many pictures and have to share them. I've been trying to take a photo a day (or 20 or 30) but haven't been sharing a photo a day. Here's one of 300 still on the flashcard. This is me trying hard to show a little cleavage. I try to sneak it into pictures as often as possible, but it's so hard after nursing 4 kids. This is also Sarah trying to look as cute as can be so someone will give her ice cream.

Mom, I'm only kidding. I wear tank tops under everything for the sole purpose of NOT showing any cleavage. Promise.

But looking at this picture, it once again looks as if I'm thinking about my ta-ta's. That's it - squeeze 'em a little closer and maybe they'll look bigger. Maybe pressing my arms closer to my sides will make my arms look thinner....nope.

Now, be honest: when you see a 31 year old homeschool mom in a Fender t-shirt, do you think "Wow, she must know how to play the guitar! She must be in a rock band! Singing for the glory of God of course." Or do you think "Wow, she is wayyyyy to old to be wearing that shirt?" Is there even a third option? It's really just one of these two extremes, isn't it?

Anyway, you may see some lazy blogging for a while. And the kids' blog is seriously behind, so I'll have to update it with pics too. And pics are easier than honest posts that require deep thinking....though I am working on it. Just really slowly.


andie said...

I can't see them!

Christy said...

I think the Fender tshirt is cute!!

31 IS NOT OLD!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't see the pictures either. maybe that is a good thing.

Jennie C. said...

Picture trouble again! The photo-upload gods must have something against you!

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