Friday, July 13

'Fess Up Friday

Not a contest, because WOW, how could it be judged? But your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to brag on your First Child and tell how you've screwed him (or her) up.

I'm going to transition you into nicknames for the kids now (no complaining,) so meet Ike. Ike is my baby just turned 10. He is wonderful. Ike just got back from his first trip away from home (except Grandparents) at Church Camp. He had a blast. This boy came back glowing. It is amazing what it did for his confidence.

Ike (we really do call him that) is an amazing big brother. He loves to help his siblings. I don't know if you've read the whole "Love Languages" thing, but his is, without a doubt, Acts of Service. He is so quick to help in anything. He prefers seeing a need and jumping in without asking. When asked, he doesn't grumble or complain even though I know he'd much rather be playing a computer game. It would never occur to him to argue or complain. Okay, maybe that's because he knows he'd be in trouble for sassing his Mama, but still. He's incredible.

And he takes pictures with his eyes open. ;D

He loves to scare me and do stupid stunts.

He loves fire. He REALLY loves blowing things up, but he appreciates the beauty of burning things to oblivion.

I had him at the ripe old age of 21 and I can't believe he has turned out as normal as he is. 21 is stupid age, because you think you know so much. Praise the Lord, he survived his parents growing up. I used to get so upset over the tiniest, strangest things. I expected the boy to be able to read my mind. Oddly enough, he seemed to comply. That time is past now, but I spent far too many years letting my temper show. I've given many apologies and will have that regret for the rest of my life. I pray it's not a pattern they follow in their own families someday.

He seems to have healed just fine.

The goofball is clever and funny and loves to make us all laugh. He's the class clown.

One of them anyway.

His only flaw is the idea that he's always right.

I have no idea where he got that.

He's an amazing boy, well on his way to being an amazing man, and he's going to make an amazing Daddy someday.

Okay, your turn.

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andie said...

Oh, how funny. I was going to email you last night and tell you to get the FuF's (hmm...) going again. I think that was the last time I did a dismantle and wash down fridge cleaning.

This one's going to take time.

She'll be 13 in 13 days, by the way.

Jennie C. said...

Fuf's? That's funny. No, I'm not going to publicly admit to all the ways I've messed up my poor kids. :-)

Christy said...

I posted on my blog :)

Your son is beautiful-not that boys like to be called that, but you know what I mean LOL.

What a sweet idea!

BgArt said...

Like fire and thinks he's always right? Me too!

Sounds like a well-rounded lad.

Bummer I can't see some of the pictures (everything after the camp fire).

FuF. hehe.

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