Monday, August 6

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Preschool? No Preschool? Here is my question. She's a flighty little thing. She needs structure and organization. I have plans...good plans for very organized days with her. Will I follow through? Will preschool interrupt our days just enough to throw my schedule off? Or will it cement it? Will it reinforce and encourage me to maintain her routine? Will it give me a good excuse to not work with her as much because someone else is?

Regardless of the decision, I need to spend more one-on-one time with this child. I can tell such a difference in her when she gets it. Here's the routine I have worked out so far, which doesn't include preschool:

I have no idea how to post non-jpg files, so this didn't transfer well. Sorry about that.

If she goes to preschool, her baby sis gets more demanding. That's okay too, but something to consider.

I'm most likely going to send her to preschool. But I would love to hear some BTDT advice and a good rap on the knuckles if this is a bad idea.

Now here's the big question to throw in: I have the opportunity to babysit a great little girl who is a good friend of Honor's for the next schoolyear. She also provides a nice distraction, extra incentive to be more on top of my game, and some healthy competition where school is involved. Am I nuts?

For the record, this is all in my husband's hands. I AM seeking his decision these things. But he is leaning trusting them in my hands and I am going to trust them in God's hands. I'd appreciate you praying with me!


Jen in MS said...

Hey Jenn,
Just wanted to let you know that I just stopped and prayed for you!

MrsDianna said...

Dear Jenn, This is temptation that most deal with; I will share with you my own experiences: A few years ago when I began home schooling, this is the same issue I struggled with. My husband really didn't have a firm decision either way. I am thankful that I never sent my children away so I could get "more" done. It is difficult just being wife, mother along with the everyday running of the home. As the years have passed all too quickly I see that God has helped me see the bigger picture. For my husband and I, God sent me six amazing blessings in seven years. I knew that He would help me raise them and handle all that needed done. It was very hard most days and hectic. I have matured in the way I home school and have come to see it not as a separate part but as the way we live. We have our formal seatwork, but it is minimal each day. The real learning is accomplished as we live and love each day as a family.
My prayers are with you Jenn+

MrsDianna said...

....about the babysitting issue; yes you are a big can of planters, lol.
Seems to be an invitation to trouble; I'm a firm believer of mothers raising their own, with the exception of widows of course. Many times a good friendship is tarnished after such an endeavor that it just seems not worth all the risks. I would just arrange a play date at the park and have your husband keep you accountable, works well for me. Warmly,

Jennie C. said...

I'm not quite sure what you are saying here. Are you sending Honor out to preschool elsewhere, and taking in another's child? If yes, that would obviously be, well, wrong. I'd probably not want to babysit for another anyway. I have enough to worry about without adding in someone else's obligations.

It's like a sudden rainstorm after a long drought around here!

Jenn said...

Ooh - that does sound bad, doesn't it Jennie? But no, actually the little girl is one of Honor's best friends and they are just 2 weeks apart and would be going to the same preschool 2 hours, 2 days a week.

Christy said...

You know my thoughts on this-they are just as confused as yours.

I decided this for my family-not saying this is what I think you should do!

Laura Grace is just like Honour-flighty, hyper, easily distracted, and a social butterfly. She wakes up every morning begging to be set free from the house-she wants to go somewhere, play with someone, and LOVED 3 year old preschool. She was only in it for two months and only on the days I worked Mothers Morning Out, but I noticed a huge change in her behavior and academic skills. I am like you-I had our daily schedule with tons of "school activities" planned for her. But, life kept getting in the way, I was babysitting two other children, and working on letters, numbers, and writing her name took a backseat to everything else.
Taking her to preschool and me worknig those mornings added additional structure and she learned more than I had time to teach her.
This year I wanted to start homeschooling but because of finances I can't yet-she is going to preschool everyday and she is beyond herself with excitement. Itis only in the mornings-she will have the rest of the day with me.

As far as your family goes-if you are leaning towards preschool then just try it! You can always pull her out if you notice it is negatively effecting your family. Honour would learn, get to play with children her own age, and who knows? She might enjoy having an activity that is uniquely yours! On the days she is not at preschool or is home in the afternoons you can set aside time to play with her, reinforce the lessons at school, ect...

I am not a big advocate of saying that it is letting someone else raise/teach your child as someone suggested. She will only be there for a few hours! If you know it is a good environment, a fun place to learn and that Honour is ready then go for it!

Just my opinion :)

And abotu the babysitting-run fast. Run away really fast.

It will tarnish the friendship, stress you to the max, make homeschooling impossible, and the child will become another sibling to yours that will fight with them, eat your food, mess up your house...

I tried it. It was a nightmare.

But again, just my two cents!!

Anonymous said...


I love the schedule, very simple and brightly colored for those of us who are distracted easily! I love the one in the morning that says PLEASE sleep, mine seem to wake the the slighest creak of the floor. BTW I'm sending my son Ben who is 4 to Mother's Day Out twice a week. It's at our church and he went last year and loved it. It gave him something that was "his" and got to run with friends. I have things to do with him at home too but he's not always interested. :)


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