Wednesday, August 29

Mornin' Sunshine

Yesterday, I discussed my lack of energy on a messageboard and decided to try implementing the easiest suggestion mentioned: getting less sleep. Apparently, some people don't need the standard 8 hours. In fact, more than 5 hours caused one woman the grogginess I had described. So I stayed up until 1am and got up at 6am, with 2 little girl interruptions in between.

And I feel flutterings of energy attempting to spring forth! It's like a jalopy sputtering and coughing in its attempt to rev its engine. But I'm pretty sure it's just the strange giddiness that comes from lack of sleep. Just like I felt as a teenager when I stayed up with friends till 2 in the morning and woke up at 5am to get to the bus for a band trip. Yes, I had a strange rush of energy on those days, but how stupid was I?

My brain feels like a ping pong ball bouncing around in my head. I've fallen over twice; not from drowsiness, but from lack of equilibrium.

Getting ready this morning, I noticed a twinkling in my eyes but then realized, No, I'm not blinking! It's a psychotic shine. I look like Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs.

A little scary, but interesting all the same.

And not only do I have more energy, but my appetite is suddenly amazingly healthy. I'm not the least bit attracted to the bowl of leftover frosting on the counter.

Okay, I'm totally lying about the appetite thing. But wouldn't that be so cool? I'm going to go eat some frosting now.....


BgArt said...

That's the same thing that happened to me when I had a Dr. Pepper with a Monster chaser. The theory of relativity kicked in and I was .056 seconds faster than anyone else. You want proof? Ask the person who walked through the door that I opened...that they almost opened themselves! Yeah. That's right. You don't need more proof than that.

Seriously. You don't.

Ooo, frosting!

Jennie C. said...

Try a b-vitamin supplement instead of sleep deprivation. Take it for a week, and then tell me if you don't have more enery!

Christy said...


I could go for a big thing of frosting myself.

Less sleep =more energy?


I should be doing better than I am. LOL

Opa said...

Great work.

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