Monday, August 20

Seriously, you've got to consider this sale

No, I'm not a Children's Place affiliate. If there were such a thing, I would be though. I just placed another order using this sales coupon. They already have some good back-to-school prices without the coupon. The jeans are no longer on sale for $9.97, but they still deserve a look-see.

For instance:
Place any order of shoes in your cart and you get free shipping. Using the 25% off coupon code (FMR77) you get these cuties for $14.63. Their shoes have good support and last well.

How 'bout a nice shirt for the boys?
Great quality and $9.00 with the coupon.

Last one I'll bug you with:

Cute bodysuit at $3.75 with coupon.

Okay. I'm done bugging you now. But you should shop at the Children's Place. 'Cuz I said so. And seriously - the stuff is so soft and even lasts for hand-me-downs.


andie said...

Ah, but where is it made? ;)

MDA said...

Psst... Sorry to intrude. Check your bookmooch account. I want a book. Thanks.

MDA said...

Jenn - thanks for following up on the mooch.


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