Sunday, September 2

Another beautiful morning in our home

Don't I look lovely today? The children are smiling, our clothes are so tidy, and....screaming in the background? No, no, no....they're just playing a loud, boisterous game. Fighting? Not possible. Not *my* children. Why! That's something you'd find in a house full of children that are watching a video while mom types on the computer in her pajamas at 9:00 in the morning. Not something you'd see here!

I'm full of crap, by the way.

I had a sick kiddo and had to stay home from church this morning. But I got to sleep in an whole hour, which was wonderful because I stayed up an hour later than normal to watch a horrific movie last night. Don't watch Hot Fuzz. It was awful. But every time we went to turn it off, it offered another glimmer of hope. I hate to start something and not know how it ends.

I resisted the no-bake cookies for breakfast and managed to eat a bowl of cereal. I opted for water instead of coffee. I remembered my fish oil capsules and B-vitamin supplement. Can I keep it up all day? Well, no, because there are NO BAKE COOKIES on the counter and they are so good with coffee!


Jennie C. said...

Good morning, and so sorry about the sick kid. Hope all are well soon. Can I have a cookie?

BgArt said...

How about no bake cookies with a bowl of cereal chaser.

I really need new material.

Too bad about the sick thing. That's no good. Take care.

Christy said...


I am going to go bake, I mean make them now. I love those darn things.

I hope everyone is feeling better!!

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