Wednesday, September 19

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!!

As it is an important holiday in our home, we began the day with Piraty books on the couch.

Then we posed for pictures. Avast! What a good lookin' lot!

High-pitched Wally:
"Time to dig, laddies."

Gertrude the Cash-Strapped:
"I'm off to get my bounty of Chocolate fudge Ice Cream!"

Legless Pablo Smithe:

"I be fightin' mosquitos!"

system 5p1d0r
Iron-Deficient Bob:

((((where did the picture go????))))

"I just downloaded Halo3 and it doesn't even come out till the 25th of this month!"

Today, Chris is an Internet Pirate. He's gone around talking hacker code all day, which is just weird.

They are so gonna laugh at us at church tonight.

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Jennie C. said...

You folks sure do like Talk Like a Pirate Day! I remember you celebrating last year, too. :-)

BgArt said...

1337 H@XoRs! Man, is leet even used anymore? I'm behind the internet jargon. Too much blogging, not enough message boards. I don't even think I spelled "H@XoRs" right.

Anyway. Sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

of C0ur53 1+'5 5tIlL U53d. lEeT 5Pe4K f0R3v3r m4|\| !!!

andie said...

LOL! Looks like great fun. Is that the babysatted (now that beats snuck and lit, huh?!) child, or did you come home with an extra from the grocery?

Jenn said...

You're Alive!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, that's our Lily. She opted to not be a pirate and chose to be the family parrot instead.

Jen in MS said...

Y'all are cute!! Looks like fun! You are a GOOD mom! :0)

Christy said...

how fun is that!

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