Wednesday, October 3

More Magic House

Hope you're not bored. I could just go on and on about this place. So I will. :D

They have a child-sized town that was incredible.
It included this house: complete with tree house, pizza parlor, and living room...all child-sized and highly interactive.

It also included a grocery store.

Joel enjoyed robbing the cash register.

You should have seen them in the child-sized Bank.

Joel's favorite part was the construction site. He worked for half an hour filling in the frame with foam bricks.

It has a creek for fishing (magnets and lures.)

It also has an ice cream cart.

The girls were ecstatic to see this baby.
I heard Honor shout with dismay, "That's some weird ice cream!" She apparently was expecting real ice cream and tore right into one. Oops.

And they have a Toddler area! I could hardly drag Sarah away from here.

She loved the toddler sized kitchen.

I am no longer nursing, but after 4 kids and many awkward balancing acts in public restrooms, this was a delight to see:

Last picture (but definitely not the last item in the museum...tons more stuff,) but not least, the kids loved the 3-story slide that circles down through the floor of each level.

And now I'll stop bugging you with Magic House pictures. But there are still gobs of vacation pictures to wade through. Sorry. You're going to be hearing about this for quite a while.

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