Monday, October 1

St. Louis Vacation #2 or "The Magic House"

Our first stop after 5 hours in the car (yes, it's only supposed to be a 3 hour drive, try telling that to a 23 month old that says "unt poo-poo" even though you JUST LEFT a restroom 5 minutes ago and the next one isn't for another 15 minutes and even when you get there she just has GAS and insists she's done so you have to leave even though you know she'll be insisting on the real deal in another 5 minutes after you've driven away) was the Magic House. It was INCREDIBLE. The cost was about $45.00 for our family of 6. The most we spent on anything all weekend and it was well worth it. This is a children's museum inside of a huge old house with lots add-ons. It was crammed full of so many activities, yet it such a welcoming charm. If I lived in St. Louis, I would curl up with a book at the Magic House on a weekly basis and let the kids play their little hearts out. I love St. Louis.

First station in the Magic House was this 3D board. As simple as it was, it was one of the kids' favorite parts. If I heard someone say that, I would assume the rest of the place must be pretty lame, but I assure you it was awesome. My kids are just very easily amused.

Next was a Pulley Closet. 3 Different pulley thingies (yes, that is their official name) were set up, each with double the pulleys of the first one. This showed how much easier it was to lift something (yourself) with more pulleys.

Here was Sarah's favorite station. The hovering balls thrilled her.

Chris loved the magnet room. But he didn't like being surprised with a camera in his face.

I'm really quite embarrassed about my family's hair in these pictures. We just didn't care at this point. We were simply glad to be done with the van. If you're a parent, you know what carseat hair is like. Especially after you've sent your kids to bed with wet hair the night before.

This is the Old Playroom. There were trunks of dress-up and a full length mirror. Honor loved this. There were old children's books and a tin tea set. Lots of goodies.

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Jennie C. said...

We used to have a membership to our Chicagoland children's museum. I miss stuff to do. Glad you had a good vacation, though, and glad you're back!

Christy said...

What a neat museum!! You have me looking up all of the nearby children's museums now...

I hate car seat hair too. At the beginning of the school year Laura Grace was all decked out in bows and curls. Now I am frantically combing out the frizz and tangles as she is walking into her classroom. Anyone say BAD MOMMY!?!?

I am all there with you on the hating the toddler phase. They are so darn cute but so darn intimidating. They make me want to curl up in the fetal position and cry because I think I am scarring them for life and spoiling them in the next instant.

Jen in MS said...

Looks like fun Jenn!! I would love to travel up to St. Louis!

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