Friday, November 9

Day 4 without sugar

Journal entry #5

This is day 4. The killer day. I passed.

It wasn't killer. And (I'm going to brag for just a moment) I even faced major temptations today. I took the kids to Pizza Hut to redeem their Book-It coupons after homeschool group. I embarassed them by smelling their food just a little too long, but I didn't eat it. I was very, very slow to hand over their cinnamon sticks. That salivating thing happened again. But - BUT! - I truly enjoyed my salad and my unsweetened tea. The good company of a friend who understood my drooling problem came with me.

Then, tonight, I went to a Ladies Only shopping night at Ace hardware (I know, it sounds weird for a ladies night, but my local Ace has a great gift section) and was content to eat the cheese cubes rather than the cakes they had to offer.

Now, day 5 is where I'm generally over the rough patch and it isn't so bad. However, I'm going out to lunch with friends in the city tomorrow and am hoping it's not too bad. I don't want to mention to them what I'm doing and make a big deal of it. I need to find my 'casual' voice to say "No, thank you" when they offer me the breadstick basket. I can do this. Right?

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The Wooden Porch said...

Good for you! I eat soooooo much junk food. I go on a binge and eat and eat and eat and gain 10 pounds, then I diet and lose it again. I'm in the process of putting it all back on. Right now I'm out of town and the only pair of jeans I brought with me are WAY too tight. I have to wear my PJs all day in order to breath. It's not so pretty.

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