Monday, December 10

Come and Get it

Here's to Christy, Andy, Mel, and Dy....and Jennie and Jenni (Hey, at least you thought about doing it-I totally count those as entries at this point.)

Here's an example of the beautiful planning page - it brings tears to your eyes, doesn't it?

I know this is supposedly a contest, meaning only the winners (participants) receive the prize....but this hardly counts as a true blue contest this week, so I'm posting a link to download the form right here on the blog. Here you go - and enjoy! Thanks for being such good sports!
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Christy said...

That is the cutest calendar!!!

Thank you!!

Classical Circus said...

Very cute! And I didn't look until after I posted my picture ;o).

Jenni said...

Aw, gee. Hey, I thought about entering Ree's photo naming contest, too:o) Man, I'm lousy at those. Half the time I'm just struck dumb. Take either meaning you like.

I think I will post pictures of my tree and garland tomorrow along with Joshua's disturbing yet funny little ornament vignettes from last year.

Cute, cute, cute planning page, too:o)

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