Saturday, December 15

So long old friend

This was my first baby's first high-chair. It has been through all four of my children and two of a friend's...not to mention the many babies that have come through for visits. I've had this high chair since the ultrasound said "Boy." It was $85.00 and 10 years ago, that was a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a high chair. But I knew it was "the" one. It was blue and boyish (hard to come by back then) and the top seat removed and the base became a table. There was a flat insert that fit on top to serve as a tabletop on one side and a lego tabletop on the other. Since he was going to surely take after his Daddy, we knew he would love legos. Well, the tabletop was torn up after our 2nd move, but it was still "the" one. We've taken the top part off and left the tray on and gathered around the coffee table for family movies, taken the tray off altogether and slid it up to the table with the big folk, and we've filled the tray with water to let them splash and play while Mama cooked.

It's had a hard life. I left the tray on top of the stove while something was baking in the oven, forgetting that the rear burner got hot when the oven was on. It didn't melt clean through, but it left an impressive dent. The plastic seams started coming out after the third child inherited it (not mine, a friend's). Through the years, the plastic has become more brittle, so I covered the sharp, ripped seams with duct tape to protect little legs and fingers. There is so much gunk built up on the wooden rails, no amount of scrubbing can help it - it needs sanded off. Bleach has left it's mark as well.

But all my babies are sitting (and standing) at the table now. This huge old friend is taking up precious walking space in our tiny dining room. We said farewell and removed it. It only made it as far as the garage for now though, so I can still go visit if I miss it too much. I'm not sure what to do with it. It's so rough, I doubt anyone would want it donated. But I can't stand to just throw it out. Maybe Chris will have to put it out of its misery while I'm sleeping one night. Then he can just tell me he found a friend in need of a high chair with lots of character. Just like when my parents put my cat to sleep and told me they took it to a friend who lived on a farm where she'd have lots of mice to chase. The mice should have clued me in. My cat ate oreos and doritos, not mice. She was too lazy to chase anything.

Anyway, there she is folks: "the" high-chair. She has served my family faithfully and been part of many memories.

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mom said...

I thought surely by now you would have forgiven us. After two weeks in the hospital with your asthma attack and the doctor said get rid of the cats, we did what we thought was best for our little girl. And we did give it to someone with lots of cats. It found it's way home. Again we did what we thougt best for our precious little girl.
Love Mom and Dad

Jenn said...

Of course I forgave you! It was just a comment for humor's sake. Not a jab! You didn't do anything wrong - you didn't think I was upset about it, did you?

Christy said...


My parents did the same thing.

I wasn't scarred either ;)

Our highchair is wood also and after two children it is in similar condition! You are so funny but so right that something so basic can mean so much!

mom said...

Bruce wanted me to be sure and tell you that we flipped a coin and you won. So the cat had to go. ☺

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