Friday, January 25

Baby Got Book

Please. If you do not know who Sir Mix-a-lot is, DO NOT play this. You will not appreciate the humor, but will instead think very badly of mine.

However, if you appreciate the genre, you are going to love this. I laughed till I cried.


Jennie C. said...

Very, very funny! The kids want to know WHY, but how does one explain? I laugh alone around here. :-)

Christy said...


That made my day!!

Mike said...

"Bless me, bless me, and teach me about John Wesley."

"my minister tried to console me, but that you book you got makes 'me so holy'."

I about died.

andie said...

Ohmigosh...the felt board...bwaahaha

Chris said...


My wife found your blog, watched this and called me upstairs to watch.

I've linked to it (with an appropriate intro) over at and added you to my favorites.

Thanks for the laugh!

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