Sunday, January 27

Encouraging Creativity....or....In Which Jenn Learns to Let Go of Material Possessions

I'm fine now. Blessedly short bug. 24 hours and you're human again.

I have no "new" news to share, but while I was digging through my old posts and cleaning stuff up, I ran across this post that I'm pretty sure I never actually posted. So it's old. But I put work into it, so I'm posting it anyway.

So, a few days ago, my younger son asks me, "Mama, can I use this purse?" Thinking, the leather purse would make a nice messenger bag for a medieval page, I said 'sure'.

I walked into the dining room about an hour later to see my purse (which hasn't been used since I was pregnant with Sarah because I switched to a diaper bag and then switched to a tiny girlie purse to revel in the fact that I finally could carry a girlie purse and I just hadn't switched back to it yet but I LOVE it and how's THAT for a run on sentence?) being cut to pieces so that it could be reborn as a pair of moccasins.


But the good news is, the old purse contained one last package of Biscoffs cookies that I thought had been eaten years ago. I love those things. Eating it did help ease the hurt a bit. That and the excitement of seeing a 7 year old trying to sew his own moccasins.

The endeavor didn't work, but it was a valiant effort. We did, however, learn some better communication skills through the ordeal.

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Christy said...

You are an awesome Mommy. I would run with my purse clutched to my chest screaming MINE!

Mike said...

I know some mothers that would have instantly opted for some "special counseling" if their son asked for mommies old purse.

Go you. Encourage that creativity. Someday, after the robot/zombie revolution and preceding nuclear winter, you're son will still have warm feet.

Classical Circus said...

Gasp! Thud!

I think you handled that way better than I would have.

Oh, My.

At least you got some good eats out of the deal.

And if any of my boys ever ask for one of my purses, I now know to ask questions.

Natalie said...

Goodness, That's all I can say.

theotherbear said...

Yikes. That would have broken me!

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