Friday, January 18

Hardy har har

While grocery shopping, I had to call Chris and share a little chuckle with him. "Guess what?" I said. "The fish that was advertised on such a great's ingredients list includes CARBON MONOXIDE!"

"What?!?" says he.

"Yup. And directly beneath that, it reads 'Product of China'. So, no tilapia from this store."

He laughed and thanked me for checking labels.

So I proceeded to Wal-mart, certain I'd have bigger options there. Guess what? The laughs on me. Carbon Monoxide in their frozen fish as well. And the fresh fish? Well, it was labeled with a friendly "CO". That sounds much gentler doesn't it? It brings to mind the fresh mountain air of Colorado. But no, that C stands for Carbon and that solitary O stands for Oxygen. So I asked the meat section worker if there was such a thing as a fish product that did not include carbon monoxide.

"Actually," he told me, "there isn't such a thing as any meat product that does not include Carbon Monoxide. It's added to help them keep their fresh-looking color."

The only fish that didn't come from China was catfish. I'm not big on eating bottom-dwellers. I really like fish. I'm beginning to get really really frustrated with my eating options.


Jennie C. said...

My sister told me this today. (And here I insert some concern that you are actually reading Alec Baldwin's blog...:-) Looks like I'm in the market for some farm raised beef, too. Okay, actually, I've been in the market. I just don't know where to find it yet!

andie said...

LOL. I can't help it; I always hold my breath when I pop open the plastic on store meat. I can't overcome the fear that I'll get blasted *just* at the moment of inhale if I don't, and then I'll drop dead, leaving the children motherless. With no dinner.

Jennie, I have some "find local un-scary food" type links saved, I'll email you.

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