Thursday, February 7

Embarrassing moment?

The Pioneer Woman is giving away a Wii tonight. The only requirement is an entry describing your most embarrassing moment.

But the topic made such great blog fodder, I thought I'd just create a meme with it.

So here's mine:

When I was a Junior in High School, I went attended a Marching Band Competition several hours away from home. The trip required 3 buses to carry our band and supplies necessary for the show. Half an hour into the trip, I had to pee. No. I mean I REALLY had to pee. I went before we left! Honest! I have no idea why the obsessive need overtook me so soon into the trip, but try as I might to control the urge, it soon became apparent that I had to stop soon or I would be baptizing the bus seat.

I spoke to our Director and seeing the frantic look in my eye, he didn't even bother asking "You sure? Already?" He told the bus driver to find the next stop. But the bus driver had to radio the other buses so they would stop as well. They had to stay together. The only available bathroom for miles upon miles was a tire shop the size of my closet. But it had a bathroom and I was glad for it. Out of 3 buses, I was the only one who got off at that tiny hole in the wall. The old men sitting on the bench in front just smoked and talked as if it were an everyday occurrence.

When I got back on the bus, it was so quiet - everyone was embarrassed for me! I walked all the way to the very back where my seat was and finally the silence was broken by a trumpet player...."Buy anything out of a machine while you were in there?" The Director hissed for him to shut up, but he innocently said "What? I meant peanuts! I just thought she looked hungry!"

I've never blushed so hard in all my life.

I'd love to hear ANYONE's embarrassing story, but I'll tag Jenni, Jennie, Jessica, Andie, and Christy just for kicks. I'm too lazy to link tonight. But you know who you are. ;D


Christy said...

I am going to have to think about this...there are so many...


Jessica said...

hmmm...which one shall i pick. there are millions. MILLIONS.

by the way, i started a new blog-one that i can update at school since i'm so behind the times and don't have internet or computer at home.

Jessica said...

to my knowledge, i am the only one that knows about your blog. glad you enjoyed my story. my b/f at the time was nathan w. from first assembly, and i pray that craig and elaine have forgotten that conversation!

Jennie C. said...

You'll have to forgive me if I don't play along. :-) I don't usually do memes anyway, but this is definitely one to skip!

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