Friday, March 7

Come 'n listen to my story 'bout a man named


But kudos to you if you thought I was going to say Jed. It shows you have good taste.

One night, this guy (who happens to be the leader of world at the time) has a bad dream. I mean really bad. He's got lots of wise-guys to call on though, so he gets them all up and demands they tell him the meaning of the dream. But being no idiot, he insists that if their power is real, they'll be able to tell him what the dream WAS, not just what it meant.

They can't do it.

He decides they needed a little motivation and threatens to kill them if they can't tell him.

They still can't do it.

So the executioners start gathering up advisors to fit for cement shoes, but one of them (a foreigner named Belteshazzar) pipes up that He can do it. He and his friends spend the night praying to their God and the answer comes. Belteshazzar goes to visit the king.

The king asks Belteshazzar (also known as Daniel) if he can tell him what was in his dream and what it means.

Daniel says nope.

But he knows Someone who can. One God and one God only. No man could do it. Only the Living God. In the dream, there was a ginormous statue with a head made of pure gold, chest & arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of part iron/part clay. In the dream, a rock struck the statue on its feet and smashed them. The rest of the statue fell to pieces, swept away in the wind. But the rock became a huge mountain that filled the whole earth.

What a dream!

What's it mean?

Well, the head of gold was the empire of the mighty ruler who had this crazy dream: Babylon, which ruled from 626-539BC. The chest and arms of silver represented an empire to come. Inferior to Babylon, but great in it's own right: The Medo-Persian Empire, which ruled from 539-331BC. Belly and thighs of bronze represented the Greeks. Legs of iron represented Rome. And the feet? Well, that one's up in the air. Something with the strength of iron, but not united. An empire that's strong, yet divided, with a Roman influence?

Nebuchadnezzar was given a dream revealing things to come. And he thought Daniel was one cool guy for sharing. And he gave Daniel's God proper credit, saying He was surely the God of gods and Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries for Daniel to be able to reveal such a thing.

The end.

Now go to sleep.



Anonymous said...

I wonder how many times God is still trying to talk to people through dreams and it just gets dismissed as a wierd dream. We do have an Awsome God. We just need to take time to listen.

Christy said...

I often wonder the same thing!

Of course, once I told Clay that God was telling me we needed another child. he told me to shut up.


andie said...

That sounds JUST like this cartoon with talking vegetables I watched once!


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