Thursday, May 29

Bad Form

Yes, I stink. I'm so sorry. But look! Happy baby picture pulled out of the archives in an effort to suck up and get back in your good graces!

My plan was to sew up the winning choice the next morning and snap a picture. Um, still not done. Mostly done. But not done-done. But I went with "B" for the record. And, you choosers-of-B ought to go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back. Come on, pat away, I'll wait. Option B is the quilting pattern known as Jacob's Ladder. I don't understand why it's called that, but it is. A & D were my personal favorites, but then, I'm chaotic like that. Since the quilt is to go in the girls' bedroom, I decided anything but B was out of the question since they all apparently would scar my daughters' deep psyches.

Guess what I did today?

No, it did not involve marshmallow fluff. Try again.

Oh, okay, I'll just tell you. I took Sarah for her first shot today. She stepped on a rusty screw, puncturing the bottom of her foot just bad enough to need a Tetanus shot. We are a weird, non-vaxing family so I was dreading the lectures from the Dr.'s office, but they didn't bug me. Whew! I actually think the Tetanus is a good one to get, but wanted to wait until she was older and I wanted to special order a child dose of just Tetanus, not a shot combined with Diphtheria and a-cellular pertussis. But you've seen how I procrastinate. So here we are.

Sarah heard she was getting a shot and got all excited, telling everyone. She had no idea what a shot was. So I sat her down and explained it would hurt. It would hurt bad. But it would be over VERY quickly and then it would be all done. She looked very suspicious, but said okay. I held her down for the shot and didn't take my eyes off of her face. I told her, "Here comes the hurting part, but it'll be over really fast." And she didn't even blink! I had to check to see if the nurse had even given the shot yet. The child never reacted. Chris says it's because of her generous thighs. There was no way that needle was finding muscle through that layer of baby-thigh.

So I asked, and this one dose of DTaP will keep her from developing tetanus from this event of stepping on the screw. I was assured that she is completely safe. But only for 2 months. I will need to continue bringing her in every 4 weeks for the next couple months and then 2 more times 6 months apart to be immune to tetanus for the next 10 years. Maybe. It's not actually guaranteed that she will ever be immune to tetanus or anyone for that matter. And even if she is up-to-date on her vaccines, she will be given another tetanus vaccine if she's ever in an accident (for good measure.) Didja know tetanus is totally treatable and not life threatening when treated? I'll stop now.

There's laundry to be done. I'll stand beside my soap box instead of on it.

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Lawanda said...

I thought it was life threatening. What's up with the vaccines for non threatening diseases?! I feel deceived. :(

The pic is ADORABLE! LOVE that shirt. I am glad you went with B... I thought it looked a bit familiar! :)

Jennie C. said...

Yay for B! Love the baby! Love you! You should stay in touch more often. I miss you when you're gone. :-)

Jessica said...

i am in love with that onesie. you MUST tell me where you got it!

Jenn said...

Oops, Lawanda, I should clarify: Tetanus could be life-threatening if you didn't get medical attention. And it includes violent muscle spasms that sound absolutely dreadful. I'm not all that against this particular vaccine...just the high # of unnecessary tetanus vaccines given to the average person. And I question the efficacy of the thing. Of all the people who actually come down with tetanus, 18% are over 60 yrs old and 22% are unvaccinated. That means that 60% of people who come down with it are healthy, vaccinated individuals!!!

Jessica, it was a White Trash Mama original. :D Want one? I need to make up a batch for Cathy anyway.

Christy said...

I am so glad you posted!!!!

I LOVE the shirt.

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