Thursday, June 5

Printer lady

Printer Lady stopped by the house last night.

PL: Is this where Chris H. lives?

Me: Yes, it is.

PL: The Chris H. who fixes computers?

Me: That'd be him.

PL: (Big Sigh) He told me he lived on 13th and Short.

Me: Hmmm, no, 10th and Short.

PL: I'm quite certain he said 13th. And I looked. The house # he gave me does not exist on 13th.

Me: No, sorry. But it does exist on 10th. Here we are.

PL: Well, I nearly just mailed his check, but decided to try this street just in case. I KNOW he told me 13th. (shaking head in concern for my husband's mental capacity) It's just strange.

Me: It is funny; since we moved in three years ago, he's never had trouble finding his way here even once. (Not even a smidgen of hinting that she could possibly be wrong about what she thought she heard - I'm quite proud.)

She shrugged and handed me the check.

And this is why my husband needs a P.O. box IMMEDIATELY. The next confused costumer might be a big burly man who doesn't take kindly to being misdirected and I do not want to open the door to that.


Anonymous said...

OK, I know we all have those moments of memory fog when the recall mode just goes on standby, but I think printer lady is more than lonely. She seriously may need a hormone adjustment- ASAP!!! Have a wonderful National Donut Day. MIL

Anonymous said...

Okay, this has got to be the same lady that didn't have paper in her printer, right?

Christy said...

you are so good. I would so have said something. I would have said something really, really BAD.

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