Wednesday, June 11

Somali Wild Ass

I've been looking at plans for our next trip to St. Louis. We did this last September (has it been that long????) and want to do the same thing in a couple months. That got me digging through pictures of last year's vacation and I realized I hadn't shared quite a few of them. Since pickin's are slim this week and I'm too lazy busy, get ready for old vacation pics:

A day of Hiney at the Zoo.

Is this shot responsible for my blog post title?

Nope. No Somali Wild Ass here.

Thanks for posing.

You're so accommodating.

Did someone send a memo?

"Attention Zoo Residents: Do not make eye contact with the odd homeschool family."

"They only want to see your rears."

Somali? Still no.

Yes, that's what my children came to see, thankyouverymuch.

Somali? No. Wild? Nunya.



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Lawanda said...


mindi said...

Ha ha ha, that is too funny!

Jessica said...

i had to do a double-take when i read the title of the blog: read hastily it looks something like "some wild a$$" !!! ha!

i believe i left the party last night without my prize...when can i come get it? i'm very interested in something that will make peeling oranges less of a traumatic experience. :)

Christy said...

love it. I see that they are critically endangered. I would think that if I was them i would be doing some serious posing and flirting.

Mike said...

I guess they're trying to get their Hollywood "carears" off to a good start! HEY-O! Bu-dum-ching!

I'm here all week folks, try the scampi. It's on special for $4.98 with a purchase of two drinks.

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