Thursday, July 31

Cool Find

I go through a lot of paper plates. Paper, plastic, and UGH, styrofoam. I do 1-2 Pampered Chef shows a week and since it's in someone else's house, it isn't very convenient to drag my stoneware plates around. However, I just found THIS. I'm not really into consuming toxic junk with styrofoam (which never decomposes,) and I'd rather not be investing in petroleum (plastic) at the moment, and while I'm not out hugging them, I do feel a little wasteful about the whole tree thing.

Non-tree, non-nasty recycled paper plates and such.

I'm pinching pennies till they turn blue right now, but when I've got a little extra, I'll have to order a sleeve and let you know what they're like. In the meantime, if you try them out, can you do a little post and share your thoughts?

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