Tuesday, July 29

The Good Earth

This has nothing to do with the book. I actually hate the book. Go ahead, I know. Gasp! Shock! Illiterate swine! Yes, I know already! I've said it myself. I'm a philistine. While I have to admit that the author is a genius, can we just acknowledge that she's a genius because she is so adept at capturing and articulating the deepest selfishness of mankind? And come on, who wants to read about that? My poor children. They are receiving a classical education from someone who doesn't even appreciate true art. Hmmm, digressing again.

No, this post is about dirt and growing things.

Our garden delighted us with a Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar in our dill! I'm not sure we've grown anything of significance beyond this single caterpillar, but it has been a lot of fun this year. We learn a bit more each time we try a planting.

We built a bean tepee this year, which has been a blast for our Princess who was in desperate need, apparently, of a Princess Tent.

We lost all our tags (again) and don't know what these peppers are. We thought they were green peppers, but they never lost their pointy ends and look like mutated jalapenos. They have a little spice to them, but VERY LITTLE. Too spicy to be a sweet pepper, too mild to be a hot pepper. I've never seen the like.

And I have no idea what variety of cucumber we planted, but don't these look hysterical? They make me giggle. We built an arch of cattle-panel, which will soon shade our planting of spinach for a fall crop. Hopefully. Yes, we can always hope.

And here is an awesome gardening site, even if they did forget okra.

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granny janny said...

The funny looking pepper looks like an habenaro. This pepper is not ready until it turns red.

Jenn said...

We can't get them to turn red though! They start to rot right on the vine after this stage. Weird, huh?

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