Thursday, July 24

Outrigger Island

Just before the visit from my dear sis, I took a little trip to Outrigger Island via Lifeway's Vacation Bible School. Lifeway knows how to package up an incredible VBS. For anyone googling this theme, I thought I'd share our decorating ideas here on the ol' blog. Now that VBS is officially over, regular blogging will resume soon. Our schoolyear starts up mid-August and I will spending my "Mommy Time" right here.

This shot is of me and my Pastor. You wouldn't guess by this shot, but I am actually the one being embarrassed at this moment. Why do I always look condescending in pictures? I'm always feeling the OPPOSITE of condescension, honest. People who know honest - do I look condescending in real life??

Decorations on the stage: The mountains are crumpled paper stapled right to the wall. We stuffed some boxes and whatnots behind it to add dimension. We draped a blue tarp from the baptistry and covered it with silvery cellophane curtain strings and the Christmas lights that drape over bushes and clear cellophane (the secret ingredient that really gave it the "water" look) and blue tulle.

I picked up ivy at yardsales and painted the sign at the top by blowing it up with a projector and tracing it with a sharpie marker. The cardboard upon which it is painted came from Sears. Sears gets the very thick cardboard sheets in with their lawn-mower shipments and are happy to give the stuff away.

The surfshop is covered in raffia and houses our cardboard surfboards.

The trees are made with carpet end-rolls. We made bases out of boards with a dowel rod sticking up out of the middle. The rolls are covered with paper lunch-sacks with their bottoms cut off and slid on to stack. In the top of the 'tree', I stuffed a bit of florist foam. A dear lady from our church cut out the leaves and I used packing tape to attach florist wire to the leaves. These were stuck in the foam and fluffed. Some of the trees were made by attaching the leaves to umbrellas, but they didn't look as good.

This was made by building a tepee from long boards, wrapping them in plastic (so the smoke wouldn't escape) and then wrapping with chicken wire. We held a smoke machine up on a ladder and used a red lightbulb to help the smoke show up better.

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I don't have a good shot of the fellowship hall, but we draped partitions with donated tarps and taped a layer of sand made out of brown kraft paper (cheapest source for this was Wal-mart's paint supply section.) We taped on fish and made ivy out of different colors of duct tape twisted artistically by an awesome lady in our church.

Meet Oscar the Octopus.

Here is my son performing in the musical on the final night. He had a lead role and this is the best shot I have of his performance. Oops.

Here is my registration booth. A source of endless frustration for many and an eyesore for everyone else. I didn't keep it cleaned off for a single night of VBS. I'm a clutter bug.

So there it is. Loads of fun and very wonderful. Sixteen children gave their hearts to Christ during this week of VBS. SIXTEEN! It was awesome.

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Jennie C. said...

I don't think you look condescending at all.

Jessica said...

you don't look condescending, in real life or that picture. i was sitting in the front when that was taken and i remember thinking, "ooooo, jen is embarassed right now!"


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