Wednesday, August 13

The Daddy of All Planners

I have found the ultimate planner.

Seriously, folks, THE ultimate planner.

I have tried a lot of planners in my day and have never been completely satisfied. For the last several years, I've resorted to creating my own. It was a nuisance, but worth it to have what I wanted. I have just downloaded this baby, though, and I am in awe. It includes 247 pages. TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY SEVEN!!! Just for a quick refresher, there are only 52 weeks in a year. So what on earth fills the rest of these pages?


Want to organize your homeschool year? Set goals? Keep reading logs? Keep scores? Plan and document field trips? Create unit studies? Chronicle Unschooling? Or perhaps you'd like some practical recipe ideas for dinner tonight? How about a menu planning form while you're at it? There are forms on housekeeping. Budgeting. Gift shopping. Pet care. Excellent articles that really apply to real families. List of Capitals. List of Presidents. Conversion charts. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, people! I am in awe.

But here's the really cool part. You can type inside the forms. You don't have to print things out and write the same details every week. You can type right into the form and print them up as needed. You can type your entire syllabus if you want. You can type your pantry supply list. You can type Babysitter Emergency Information. A very handy feature indeed.

So, anyway, I had to share.

If you'd like to view a sample of the planner, visit here. And if you decide you've just got to have one, visit here.

We start school on Monday and I've spent the day filling in forms with prompting questions about what I would like to accomplish with my school year. That is a post for a different day. I'm very excited yet slightly overwhelmed with what I want to see in our home this year.

I'd love to hear what you think of the planner. What other planning helps to you enjoy? Any back-to-school coping methods you have to share?


Lawanda said...

IF I was a planner that may be cool ;)

It looks really cool!

I am not a planner, though. Alas.

Lawanda said...

Did I just do a sort of haiku? I did, didn't I?! Haha, sorry, I am TIRED. You can feel free to just ignore me ;)

Mamagistra said...

What an enthusiastic review! I could get excited to plan. Will there be Farmer John involved? ;D

P.S. Miss you!

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