Saturday, September 13

Autumn A'tumbling

It keeps teasing us. Crisp, cool mornings followed by hot, muggy days. I can't help it, I'm already pulling out sweaters and fixing hot soups with crusty bread. I haven't rented it yet, but each year I mark the beginning of fall with a viewing of this version of The Little Princess. I don't know why I associate it with fall. It is a very un-fall movie. But something about the leaves dancing down the street in the fall looks so magical and this movie seems to capture that feeling. I, too, believe in faeries.

It's only the second week of September, and I've already pulled out my favorite fall soup recipe twice. In case you are actually able enjoying beautiful autumn weather, here it is:

Split Pea Soup (and no, you don't have to like peas to like this soup)
1 c dry split peas
4 c chicken broth
1 ham hock with some meat
1/4 tsp marjoram
1 bay leaf
1/2 c carrot
1/2 c celery
1/2 c onion

Bring peas, broth, ham, and spices to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour. Stir only once and try not to peek. While this simmers, chop your veggies up to desired size. After one hour, remove ham hock and add veggies. Remove meat from the ham hock and add back into the pot. After veggies are tender (about 20 minutes) remove from heat and serve with crusty bread.

*I buy a half ham for about $10.00 and serve it as a ham dinner the night before. After this, I get pea soup and enough ham to put in the freezer to use again for my 2nd favorite autumn soup: ham and cheese chowder.

*I don't use chicken broth. I used to use water and chicken bouillon cubes, but couldn't stomach the ingredients list on the bouillon any more. I use water and salt now and it tastes great. I do add in the "marrow gelatin" from the bottom of the pan after I cooled my ham in the fridge overnight.

*My family doesn't mind carrots, but I find that this goes over much better when I use my Pampered Chef Food Chopper to dice the celery and onion up super-fine so that none of it shows but it still adds its flavor.

*I always double this recipe, but I don't double the ham.

Breakdown at highest possible prices on the market (single recipe:)
Peas = $0.50
ham = $3.50 (subtracting out the ham from the night before's portion)
carrots = $1.00 (or free from the garden this year)
celery = $0.25
onion = $0.50
Grand total = $5.75


Jennie C. said...

In spite of the awful ingredients list, I've been using bouillon cubes for a long time myself. But this week, I ran out, and I'm all out of grocery money, so I couldn't buy more. So I just substituted salt in all the recipes that wanted chicken broth or bouillon and nobody, not even me, noticed! Now I just have to get in the habit of making broth when I have chicken bones for the times that it matters. Like when I make chicken noodle soup. :-)

Anonymous said...

Peas are peas no matter how you fix it peas are peas. Yuck.
Just like you can't taste the coffee. or the nuts are small you wont taste them. and my favorit, coconut. gag!

Jenni said...

What exactly is a ham hock anyway? And can I get it at the Walmarts? I couldn't find any ham hocks, but I did find pig's feet in a jar. I bought bacon instead and threw a few slices in raw when I made that black bean chowder over at PW's. Yum! I'll give the split pea soup a shot but the family always eyes split pea soup with suspicion. It just doesn't look right. Now how about that other recipe? I just love fall and I can't wait to try all kinds of new soups and fall foods.

Christy said...

the recipe looks yummy!!

I also love that movie, it is one of my favorites. I need to check it out for Laura Grace...

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