Monday, September 8

Cool Resource

I wish I could tell you how I ran across this, but it's gone. A cool mom's homeschooling blog. I can't find the link anywhere, which is a bummer because there were lots of other interesting things I'd like to check out. I have these two links, anyway, and will have to be content with them.

This is to a version of Pilgrim's Progress for children, called Dangerous Journey. First, here are Free videos. And here is a link to a Study Guide to go with them. I crack up every time I open this link. The address says "dangjourney". Can't you just hear Jed Clampett talking about a dang journey that plum wore his shoes out? Maybe I've seen too much Beverly Hillbillies. Maybe I'm just easily amused. Regardless, here's a great resource to share with the kids.

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Shanna said...

Great links! When I read Pilgrim's Progress, I couldn't help but think that this book held great pearls of wisdom...but I was just not quite bright enough to dicipher the code and figure out what they were. Maybe the "kids" videos will help!

BTW, I'm never one to pass up an offer of books! We'd be happy to use them! Thanks!!

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