Friday, September 12

Playing dress-up

Chris has been reading half-chapters to us for devotions in the morning after breakfast. Today, we read about "the curse." Chris read, with many pauses for discussion, and then we began to clear the table. Honor hungrily asked, "Will you please read more, Daddy? What happens next? Tell us how they found the zipper!"


"Um....what zipper, honey?"

"You know! The zipper on the suit that satan dressed up in to look like a serpent and trick her!"


Shanna said...

Thats's funny! We were reading about the Isrealites wondering in the desert and I asked the kids if they remembered what the bread was called that God sent down from heaven each morning. My daughter (who was probably about 3) thought for a few seconds and then answered, "Banana bread!"

Mike said...


Lawanda said...

LOL! Oh that was classic! :)

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