Friday, October 31


Please, Mother dear, may we please do hard manual labor? We promise to be very, very good if you let us work till our backs are crooked and our fingers are calloused. Please say we may, please?

I wish they'd beg this hard to do laundry.

Raking leaves or backward swordfighting?

Always in the way. And she BEGGED to be allowed to work.


Awww. Maybe the kid's not so bad. Awfully cute. And if she keeps mimicking big brother, she'll turn out all right.

He's very handy to have around.

This one isn't so bad, either.


This is my favorite time of year.

Worth every bit of work.

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Ginger@chirgies said...

OH. my. goodness! No, YOUR kids are too stinkin' cute! Can I come jump in your pile of leaves? :)

granny janny said...

Ethan looks like he is 16 years old in these. They are adorable. We used to form the leaves in the shapes of a house with the rooms. We would spend hours. Oh the good old days!

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