Monday, October 27


I've lost my temper about a dozen times today. It is not my imagination that my children are...well, stupid today. But that doesn't make it okay to let them see my frustration. I didn't call them stupid. Don't worry. But I did yell, "What is WRONG with you people today???" The boys have been loading the dishwasher since 9:00 this morning. It's after THREE O'CLOCK! and they still aren't done. The girls have been picking up their bedroom floor so I could vacuum for nearly as long. It was practically clean before they started. They have forgotten how to THINK today. I have forgotten how to smile and maintain a semblance of peace to my demeanor.

My head is filling up with snot and I want to lock my children in the basement.

I don't have a basement.

Please, no CPS calls, I've never locked my children anywhere and never would. Though a friend of mine accidentally left Joel in her locked van once. She was driving a van full of little boys to a game and I don't know what he was doing, but somehow they were out and he was not. He was only in there 5 minutes before she noticed.

I'm sidetracked again, huh?

It's been a long time since we've had a day like this. I don't remember how to handle it. What do you do about these days? Do I keep at it and insist they finish their assigned task even if it takes till midnight? Or do I just give up and stop insisting on what appears to be impossible for them today? How do I get them to flip the breaker box switch on their brains and start THINKING again?

This day is a rarity and an extreme example, but we often have a lot of trouble staying on task without getting distracted. If anyone has any advice on avoiding dilly-dallying, I would REALLY appreciate it. Really.

Oh, Hallelujah! The girls are telling me they are done now. WooHoo! I'm off to vacuum.


granny janny said...

Maybe more ataboy's and atagirls when the job is completed in a timely manner. Let's get this done so we can ******, Yeah!

Actually, I remember those kind of days with 1 little girl in particular. The other girl seemed to like things neat and tidy. I believe it is still that way to this day! :)
I sure do Love you!

Ginger@chirgies said...

You are NOT a loser!!! I have those days too! Even Jesus went up on a Mt. side by himself... I think a little Mommy time, is what I usually need - time to refocus and gird up, and get ready for the next hurdle.
As far as motivation... there are days where I make 'em finish to make my point, and times when I say "screw it" -not literally, and move on.


Lawanda said...

Days like that will come and go. Sometimes I give up and sometimes we plow through til we finish it all.

I hate being in one of those days though!!!

Hopefully tomorrow everyone will be on track and things will go more smoothly :)

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