Sunday, October 5

No news is not good news

We watched Newsies last night. Interesting family film. Recognize Christian Bale here?

A line jumped out at me and I can't get it out of my head. Pulitzer says "Power of the press is the greatest power of them all. I tell this city how to think. I tell this city how to vote. I shape it’s future."

How true is that? Do you think we are so easily influenced? Do you think we as americans are so easily influenced?

Another scene stands out:

DAVID: Why didn’t the Sun print the story?
DENTON: Because it never happened
RACETRACK: What do you mean it never happened? You were there!
KID BLINK: You wrote it!
DENTON: It’s not in the papers, it never happened.

Media influence.

If it's not in the news, it didn't happen. Even if it happened, it didn't happen.

Want a laughable example? Watch this and count with me. She asks how many feel Biden won the of hands. She then asks how many feel Palin won the of hands. She responds that it is an overwhelming win for Biden. What do you think?

News journalists bad at math? News journalists with an agenda? I'm beginning to feel like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory.


Jennie C. said...

All news is biased. They tell you exactly what they want you to read, and yes, most people fall for it. Who thinks anymore? We can take the war reporting as a great example, because I'm familiar with what is really going on, but the media wants the war to be unpopular for whatever reason - as if popularity defines morality - and so the reporting is overwhelming skewed toward anti-war rhetoric. Regardless of what is actually happening on the ground. It wasn't always so. In the beginning, when it was new and news, the articles were pro-war. Remember? It's the same war, and those soldiers are having the same positive impact and the same success. It's just not good politics anymore.

Lawanda said...

Have you read 1984?

If you think you won't get too scared, maybe you should.

Horrid book. But so scarily true that I am very worried over my kids' future sometimes.

I try not to worry over anything too much, because I firmly believe that God will take care of me (everyone), and that "to live is Christ and to die is gain."

Anonymous said...

Biased news, no doubt. Mainstream media totally in the tank for the socialist Obama. God said that in the last days He would send a "strong delusion that they would believe a lie..." No doubt that is happening right now. I like Glenn Beck, rodeo clown that he is (self-described). At least he cares enough to think deeply about the hypocrisies we have to swim in. Hey, Jennifer, I enjoyed meeting you today at the shop. I believe in what you all are doing. We did similar things back in the day...Hey check out my blog called "Immortality Road." It's a place where we can share experienc es on our common pilgrimage to the Holy City...Hope to see you out there sometime at Keep in touch and I'm sure you'll see me again sometime soon. I would love to learn about the technical side of blogging from you. Ciao. Kenneth Wayne Hancock

Jenni said...

Isn't it disgusting? When I was in school I remember being taught about the importance of reporting facts and steering clear of bias in journalism. I'm only 37. Perhaps I was just too young to really understand everything that was going on, but it seems to me that the old timers were not like this. Was this how Walter Cronkite did the news?

I think part of the problem is all the attention given to self esteem. We have a lot of arrogant, self important idiots running around thinking their opinion (and you know what opinions are like) matters more than straight facts and being considerate enough of others to allow them to decide for themselves based on those facts. Oops, soap box!

Thanks for the SNL link. I missed that one.

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