Saturday, October 25

October birthdays

We actually have lots of birthdays around this time of year. In the following picture, 5 people have a birthday within a couple weeks of each other. We all get together and just celebrate them as one big family party. Can you guess which ones are celebrating?

Here's a clue:

Wait, only four are blowing candles. The 5th one is my aunt, Abby. I love my Aunt Abby. I always thought of her as a princess. When she married my Uncle Mark, it was like a royal fairytale wedding to me. They are a beautiful couple.

Sarah likes her, too.

Oh, did I mention that Paul Teutul, Sr. is my uncle?

Just kidding.

But doesn't he look like him?

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granny janny said...

Did you not get any shots of all us old fogies playing volley ball?

That was a fun day!

Are you talking about the guy who builds motorcycles? and fights with his son?

Shanna said...

April is our "birthday month". Mine, my mom's, my dad's, 3 cousins, and an anniversary to boot.

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