Thursday, January 29

This calls for popcorn

I mentioned last week that I loved Angela Hunt's books. She wrote The Note, which was turned into a movie.

"In “The Note,” MacGruder (Francis) took viewers on a journey of hope and inspiration as she traveled the country to find the intended recipient of a mysterious note found near the site of a plane crash. Her quest changed the lives of the people she encountered and in the end her own life changed. As she searched, McGruder drew encouragement from her longtime colleague, King Danville (McGinley), with whom she shared a flirtatious-but-professional relationship. “The Note” is based on the best-selling novel by beloved Christian writer Angela Hunt. Hunt has penned a novelization of the sequel’s screenplay, which will be published in April by Tyndale House Publishers."

I've yet to see it. But I will. It's going in my Netflix Queue right. now. And before I've even seen the first one, there is a sequel, “Taking a Chance on Love”, airing on the Hallmark Channel, Saturday, January 31, 9:00PM ET/PT. Tomorrow! I don't have the Hallmark Channel, so the sequel will also be going in my Queue.

Anyone else have a hard time pronouncing "Queue"? It is so hard for me to look at those letters and say "cue". Don't you itch to say Quay-ay? or Cue-ey? I won't tell you how I said it or for how long I said it until my husband busted a gut laughing at me and I realized I'd been wrong all along.

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Christy said...

you are so funny. That word bothers me, I have no idea why. It drives me batty!

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