Monday, February 2

All About Homophones

Remember how I raved about my favorite spelling program? Well, Marie Rippel has another book to share and my boys have had a lot of fun with it. This author has a true grasp on spelling patterns and children's learning patterns. The kids learn without knowing they're learning and the stuff sticks. Her new book is All About Homophones and today is the last day to get it with a $10.00-off coupon.

Homophones are those sneaky words that sound alike but are spelled differently. Most spelling rules cannot help you in such a situation. The words have to be learned. This fun machine demonstrates the hilarious mishaps that can occur when you don't learn your homophones. For instance, try typing "I would like to show you my new horse" into the machine and it is converted to "I wood like two show ewe my knew hoarse." Hmmmm, not quite the same sentence, is it?

Yes, this is another curriculum, but it is a short and sweet, very necessary curriculum. Perhaps more necessary than most spelling lessons. Spell-check will catch it when you spell something wrong, but what about when you replace a word with it's homophone? Spell-check sits back, nodding and smiling its approval. Even in this digital age, it is still very necessary to know your homophones. How many times have you cringed while reading Their/They're/There mistakes? When my husband joined an online forum for computer technicians, he had to pass a required grammar test before being granted permission to join. Apparently, the administrators had read their fill of Your/You're mistakes and were taking precautions.

The lessons in All About Homophones are divided by recommended grade levels, spanning from 1st grade to 8th, though they are excellent for anyone of any age who wants to brush up on their homophones (come on, admit it: do you have to pause and wonder before typing capitol/capital?) The lessons take very little time to complete and are organized in such a way that anyone can see them click. The 240 page book includes games, riddles, crossword puzzles, graphic organizers, worksheets, and more. And, quite importantly, they are fun. Fun spelling lessons!

Take a gander at some of the free sample lessons. Eye no ewe will wont two dew this program after taking a peak.

To get $10 off now, type FUN in the customer code box during checkout, or call them at 715-477-1977. Sale ends tonight at midnight.

For another hilarious example of why we need to learn these homophones, see Mary Grace's post.

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