Sunday, February 1

Catching up

I'm back! I had an interesting weekend in Nashville, attending Lifeway's Vacation Bible School Conference. I am not actually directing this year. It feels really weird. REALLY weird. But I know that God said no this year. I don't know why. I still love it. But He said no. So I'm not. But I went to answer questions for the new director and be a warm body attending sessions.....there are too many for anyone to hit all of them, so we take several people and share our notes at the end. Also, our Association teaches their own VBS Conference and since I'm one of the teachers at it, I thought I should learn a little about what I'm going to teach. Sadly, and I doubt this will surprise anyone who knows me, but it isn't actually necessary. I've learned to talk my way through it. Last year, I taught Pastors how to effectively carry out a Follow-Up Ministry. Have I ever done a follow-up ministry? Um, no. But boy was I persuasive!

Anyway, fun stuff. I'll try to share more when I have pictures loaded.

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