Monday, February 16


I did it, y'all. I stuck with it all week. I didn't work out on the weekend, but I hit the gym again this morning. This ridiculously early morning. I've switched gyms so I could work out with a friend who was doing the P90X thing alone, but we're still meeting at 5:00 a.m. I started back up this morning and have decided that taking weekends off might not be the best idea for me.

We had a fun Valium Times Day. I made the kids some pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Joel missed it because he stayed the night with friends. He had heart shaped biscuits - fun idea! We gave them each a box of chocolates and a tiny Valentine bear. They get these little bears every year. I don't know how they'll handle it when they stop making them. They all look alike....little red, white, or pink bears. They play with them all year long, losing some along the way. My grandpa gave them wax lips.....very fun!

Chris took us all out to a Valentine's Day dinner at a chinese restaurant. I always forget to bring my camera when we eat chinese. It is hysterical. My kids LOVE it. They insist on using chop sticks. They refuse to use utensils throughout the entire meal. Quite comical to watch, though they have improved through the years. Honor once ate jello with chopsticks. Saturday night, Sarah ate her puding with her chopsticks. Chris and the kids had fortune cookies that promised each of them would receive something. Ethan and Chris had the same fortune saying they would inherit money. Mine said something about giving to my friends, so I may not be long for this world.

For the record, we don't do fortunes, horoscopes, etc. My children actually like to eat those nasty cookies.

I can't tell any difference since starting these workouts except the pain. But the pain gives me a good excuse to soak in a nice long bath each night. I'm getting lots of great reading in! I read recently that I my eating schedule could be setting myself up for failure. I am never hungry for breakfast. In fact, I'm not hungry very often at all. But when something really tempting is put before me, suddenly I am STARVING. I apparently have thrown my body into starvation mode and I don't suffer from any hunger pangs, but when I do eat, my body is carefully preserving energy. The result is no weight loss and no energy. I've read for years that eating several small meals is what works best for the body, but never understood why. Since it is actually affecting me now, I'm stopping to read more about it. I guess I'll be snacking then. It seems ridiculous since I'm not hungry. But I'm going to try it for a week and see how I feel.


Christy said...

I lose weight best when I eat small meals and snack often-it is weird but it works!!

We also ate Chinese for Valentines night :) Laura Grace wanted to use chopsticks and I was craving some Chinese noodles!

Lawanda said...

That's so funny cuz me and Kevin went for chinese for our valentine date (friday)!!

So, I have to tell you what my weight watchers leader told me. I am NOT a breakfast person. Not at all, the thought of eating breakfast before ten or 11 am used to make me ill.


She told me that if you do not eat breakfast and still work out, or move about, you are not burning FAT, but MUSCLE! EEEK!

She also said (I have read this before many times too) that if you are not hungry, your body's metabolism is not working. Hunger is good... it means your body is burning the calories! :)

But you will (prolly) find that once you start eating more, you will be hungry more. But that is a GOOD THING! You just have to give your body the GOOD STUFF instead of the not-so-good stuff, so it will work properly. :)

YAY for you for workin out!!! :)

wendy said...

Gettin up at 5:00a.m. to exercise. WOW, triple WOW. I need to find a reason to get dedicated --like a good 25lb weight loss would be NICE.

Jennie C. said...

I can't imagine being not hungry. I'm a three-meals-and-probably-two-snacks-a-day person.

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