Thursday, March 5

Artistic Pursuits

As much as I loved using Spears Art Studio, we took a break to review another art program entitled Artistic Pursuits, which is absolutely wonderful in a completely different way.

Artistic Pursuits was written by homeschool mom, Brenda Ellis, for homeschool families. The book was designed to "involve the student in the creative process while developing observational skills." It does so by encouraging students to explore, observe, and imagine. Excellent instructions are given directly to the student, so it can be finished completely independently. (Yes!) I didn't have to step in to help with art a single time. It was awfully nice to be able to just say "Time for art!" and then walk away.

We used the book for Grades 4-6, Book One. With a strong emphasis on observation and technique, students study art history chronologically (our book focused on American History, perfect timing!) and art appreciation while learning elements of art and art vocabulary. It is very professionally done and truly taught them art.

With specific prompts, students are encouraged to find their own object to study and draw, letting them really participate and follow things that capture their interests.

It is designed to be done twice a week in one hour sessions. 4 lessons (2 weeks) complete one unit. There are 64 art projects included per book, yielding a 32 week school year. My boys were enjoying it and cramming a full unit into each week, but I'm going to have to slow them down to make them learn to patiently and slowly focus. They have not yet learned to be still and just soak in the outdoors. They feel they must be a vibrant part of it, making outdoor observation far too efficient for nice artwork. I have seen improvements though, both in their art and in their attention to detail in other areas.

Artistic Pursuits has books for preschool students, 3 books for Kindergarten thru 3rd grade, 2 books for 4-6th grade, 2 in Junior High, and 2 for the High School level. Each book is developmentally appropriate.

All of their books are the same price: $42.95 This is a bit steep for a homeschool art curriculum, but
the workbooks are not consumable – so they are able to be used again by siblings or resold. They are of excellent quality, printed in color rather than black and white which is much appreciated when studying art history.

Sample lessons
are available online.

For more reviews of other books offered by Artistic Pursuits, visit The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Crew. Many questions are well-answered in Artistic Pursuits FAQ page.


granny janny said...

I would like to see some of the boys finished art work.

School for Us said...

This is something I've been considering purchasing and I appreciate your review.

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