Sunday, March 1

potty monsters

Last week, I overheard Honor ask Sarah to go to the bathroom with her. Sarah didn't want to. Honor took to pleading. "Pleeeeeease, Sara?" I asked her why she needed company in the bathroom and she said she was afraid to go to the bathroom by herself.

"Out of nowhere, you're suddenly afraid to go potty alone? Really?" I asked suspiciously.

She leaned in and confided, "No, not really. But I don't want Sarah to eat my yogurt while I'm gone."

It was funny to me at the moment. All of my children are paranoid about people stealing their food. They are especially suspicious of me and I promise I feed them well! It's not so funny now, though. Sarah only picked up on the fact that perhaps there is a reason to be afraid of going potty alone and now cries when she has to go to the bathroom without company.


Picasa is hating me right now. I will catch up with more daily life in our house as soon as I can figure these kinks out.


Jessica said...


Lawanda said...

Awww! LOL

Mike said...

Could be worse. She could take her yogurt with her. Food in the bathroom is wrong.

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